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Welcome to the Scottish Castles Association website

The stone walls of Scotland's ancient castles, towers and fortified houses have witnessed, first-hand, the fascinating and tumultuous history of the Scottish nation. The Scottish Castles Association aims to help facilitate the protection, conservation or restoration of these unique properties for future generations to study, research and appreciate.

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Pinkie House (Lothian) Past & Present

Pinkie House (Lothian) Past & Present

An impressive mansion built in 1613 by Alexander Seton, Pinkie House now provides unique accommodation for some of Loretto School's boarders.

Category: Past-present | Posted: 14th Jun 2017
The Ubiquitous Sentinel House

The Ubiquitous Sentinel House

Some were utilitarian, others embellished but all sentinels brought a little light relief to otherwise bland fortifications.

Category: Articles | Posted: 30th May 2017
Stirling Castle - a peek inside the restored Hall and Palace

Stirling Castle - a peek inside the restored Hall and Palace

From functional garrison to one of Scotland's architectural and historical treasures, Stirling Castle's restoration has been a stunning success.

Category: Articles | Posted: 22nd May 2017
Castle Warfare Part VI: The English capitulate at Broughty Castle 1550

Castle Warfare Part VI: The English capitulate at Broughty Castle 1550

A combined French and Scottish force saw off the English at Broughty Castle near Dundee. While many of them died during the battle, the castle survives today.

Category: Articles | Posted: 11th May 2017
Knock Castle (Aberdeenshire) - Past and Present

Knock Castle (Aberdeenshire) - Past and Present

Knock Castle in stunning Royal Deeside is a wonderful example of a traditional Scottish laird's home.

Category: Past-present | Posted: 8th May 2017

Scottish Castle Association News

Scottish Castle Association News

Check this section, which is regularly updated, for any snippets of news covering interesting topics which, we feel, will be of interest to our members, castle enthusiasts and general history buffs.

Website Feature Articles

Castle and History Related Feature Articles

Within this section, you will find selected articles which we hope will be of interest to our readership or have appeared in the association newsletter, The Journal, with a view to attract more site visitors and new members to our Association.

Castles Past

Castles in the past and present

This section shows a range of Scotland's castles as they appeared when photography was first introduced around the start of the 1900s. Some are in a lot better state thanks to restoration, sadly, others have not faired so well due to neglect and some can still be saved before it is too late.

Scottish Castle Tours

Scottish Castles Association Future Events

We have a number of exciting events planned, or are in the process of organising. Our events usually consist of castle visit weekends where we gain access to some wonderful historic properties not normally open to the public. We also have other events such as castle picnic days.

Castle Photographs

SCA Castle Photo Archive (members only)

One of the main benefits of joining the SCA is being given special access to our exclusive Castle Image Collection on this website, showing photographs of nearly all historical Scottish buildings which have been accumulated by SCA member John Pringle. A must for castle lovers and historians!

Scottish Castle Wedding Venues

Scottish Castles Wedding Venue List

If you are looking for a Scottish castle, or historical building, as a venue for your special wedding then start by exploring our Scottish Castle Wedding Venue List. We really do have some wonderful, unique, and magical romantic venues all with their own stories to tell.

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Made by: James Brown
Where: Castle of Fiddes - Kincardineshire
Posted: 21 Apr 17
Made by: Brian McGarrigle
Where: Kildonan Castle (Arran) - Past and Present
Posted: 25 Dec 16
Made by: Brian McGarrigle
Where: Castle of Fiddes - Kincardineshire
Posted: 25 Dec 16
Made by: Brian McGarrigle
Where: Law Castle (West Kilbride) - Past and Present
Posted: 25 Dec 16
Made by: Brian McGarrigle
Where: Riddell House (Roxburgh) - Past and Present
Posted: 24 Dec 16

Photographs of almost every castle in Scotland

Wemyss Castle 01

Brian McGarrigle's Historic Castle Postcard Collection From Around Year 1900

Thirlestane Castle 06

John Buchanan-Smith Castle Drawings

Castle Stuart

Make your big day even more special by choosing a beautiful Scottish Castle as a wedding venue.

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