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The Scottish Castles Association
Preserving the Past for the Future

Aims & objectives

The SCA on a trip to Castle Threave

The SCA on a trip to Castle Threave

  • Improving public awareness of Scotland's castles as a valuable inheritance and tangible reminder of its cultural heritage
  • Encouraging the responsible ownership, conservation and restoration of ruined structures, and other buildings at risk, in the belief that, in many cases, restoration offers the best means of ensuring their long-term survival
  • Creating a permanent record of Scotland's castles and their individual histories
  • Providing a forum for castle owners, and interested individuals and organisations, to discuss, and seek solutions to areas of common concern
  • Promoting the study of Scotland's castles, of the circumstances which gave rise to their creation, and of all the people and activities associated with them, at all levels of the education system
  • Providing advice on appropriate methods of conservation and restoration, backed by a skills database
  • Bringing together potential restorers with appropriate properties for restoration
  • Achieving as wide a membership as possible, encompassing castle owners; potential owners and restorers; architects, artists and craftsmen; academics, students, writers and historians; and enthusiastic members of the public
  • Liaising with other bodies, including government departments, local authorities and other conservation organisations, in the pursuit of the above objectives
  • Organising national and international meetings in the context of the above objectives

Date posted: 30 Jan 2010Last updated: 15 Feb 2015

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