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Dunderave Castle - Argyll

Dunderave Castle

Dunderave Castle

Dunderave Castle is a 16th Century L-plan tower house of four storeys and an attic with a square tower in the re-entrant angle and a round tower at one corner. Bartizans crown the corners and the walls are pierced by gunloops. A panel above the entrance is dated 1596.

The entrance at the foot of the stair-tower, leads into the passage to the vaulted basement. The basement contains the kitchen with a wide arched fireplace, the wine-cellar with a small stair to the hall above, and another cellar. The hall, on the first floor, has a turnpike stair in one corner which climbs to the chambers above. There was a private room next to the hall.

The property belonged to the MacNaughtons, who had moved here from Dubh Castle near Inveraray. The last MacNaughton holder intended to wed the younger daughter of Sir James Campbell of Ardkinglas, but found himself married to the wrong daughter. After fleeing to Ireland with his love the younger daughter, Dunderave passed to the Campbells probably around 1689 with a good deal less slaughter than common for them. By the early 19th century the castle had been abandoned and roofless, but it was restored and extended by Sir Robert Lorimer in 1911-12 for the Noble family. It is still occupied.

Wording taken from The Castles of Scotland Third Edition by Martin Coventry

Date posted: 17 Apr 2010Last updated: 20 Nov 2014

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Comment by: Antoine Carrier on Thu, 6th Aug 2015, 9:13 amRef id: 57

Hello, We are looking for a venue to gather friends and family from Scotland and France. The description of Dunderave Castle is wonderful. Is there any room to discuss a hire for a week end? Many thanks, Antoine carrierantoine@gmail.com

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