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The Scottish Castles Association
Preserving the Past for the Future

News & articles

This section, which is regularly updated, contains snippets of news, articles and selected relevant features from our yearly newsletter, The Journal, covering interesting topics which, we feel, will be of interest to our members, castle enthusiasts, history buffs and site visitors who, hopefully, will be enticed to join our Asscociation..

Articles (93)

Featured Articles

Within this section, you will find selected articles which have appeared in the association newsletter, The Journal, or are written up or supplied by our members, which would be of interest to our our members, potential new members and site visitors.

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Memorial Awards (13)

Nigel Tranter Memorial Award

The Nigel Tranter Memorial Award is awarded annually to an individual or organisation whose contribution to the conservation, restoration or advancement of Scotland's castles has been, in the opinion of the judges, most (and sufficiently) meritorious during the previous year. The Council hope this award will encourage the recipient and will further the memory of our founding President Nigel Tranter O.B.E, who during his lifetime worked tirelessly to promote Scotland, its culture, its history and the preservation and rescue of its historical buildings.

Read our tribute to Nigel Tranter - click here

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News (122)

Scottish Castle News

Keep up-to-date with all the SCA activities and news snippets that would be of interest to our members and like-minded site visitors.

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Past & Present (164)

Castles In Their Past And Present State By Brian McGarrigle

This section shows what a castle or tower house looked like when photography was in its infancy. We also show what it looks like in its present state. Thankfully, not all are in a sorry state as some fantastic historic buildings have been restored or consolidated. Hopefully we can show potential restorers that there are still many historic building capable of being saved. Sadly, it's too late for some.

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Dalhousie Castle

Dalhousie is a Scottish Castle, containing its own private chapel, is where wedding fairytales come true. ... more info

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Jennifer Merredew - Decorative Artist of Period Scottish Castle Painted Ceilings and Beams

Based in Suffolk - Jennifer visits potential clients, and accepts fine art projects, from throughout ... more info

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