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Talking a lot of Boles

Bee Boles - Tolquhan Castle

Bee Boles - Tolquhan Castle

Bee Boles in Scottish Castles

Bee keeping was popular before the days of sugar as a sweetener. Candle wax constituted an additional benefit.

They are either built into or alongside a wall and will consist of anything from one small recess containing the straw skep to several. Often these recesses are the only sign that beekeeping took place.

Cathcart Castle - Renfrewshire & Pitcairlie House in Fife

Cathcart Castle - Renfrewshire & Pitcairlie House in Fife

In Scotland they are not uncommon and superb examples can be found at Tolquhon Castle, Aberdeenshire and Pitcairlie House, Fife. Some, however, are harder to find such as those at Cathcart Castle, Renfrew (now built up).

So get buzzing and find some more for yourself!

Article by SCA member Brian McGarrigle

Date posted: 13 Feb 2012Last updated: 04 Dec 2014

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