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Redcastle (Ross) Past & Present

P&P Redcastle past

Redcastle circa 1900.

P&P Redcastle present

Redcastle today fenced off with warning 'Keep Out' notices!

The castle is situated at the end of a steep sided promontory and occupies the site of a much older structure. The remains indicate an L-plan tower house of the 16th century with additions of 1840. The building is now derelict.

The present state of Redcastle is described in the Buildings at Risk Register www.buildingsatrisk.org.uk and is worth quoting as it explains just how difficult it can be to save a building.

"The owners would not consider selling the house"

'10 May 1986: The Highland News reports that the building is derelict, with piles holding up sections of the stonework. June 1990: External inspection reveals the castle to be a roofless shell. March 1991: The Dochfour Estate writes to Highland Council with further information on the Castle. The building was last occupied by the RAF during World War II, but was found to suffer dry rot when they vacated. Application was made for grant funding towards restoration costs, but was not secured. The Estate adds that the building is managed by 4 trustees and is not available for sale as they do not wish to split the building off from the rest of the wider Dochfour estate. 12 December 1991: The Aberdeen Press and Journal reports that Highland Regional Council continues to press for the castle to be made available to potential restorers. The roof and internal structure have collapsed due to rot. A Denmark-based company had hoped to restore the building as its UK offices. January 2000: Local planners report that the Estate still does not wish to sell. February 2005: Strutt and Parker report that the house remains in the ownership of Burton Property Trust. It is ruinous and cordoned off by fencing to stop unauthorised access. Although the owners have explored restoration options with American investors in the past, no investors are currently involved. The owners would not consider selling the house.

18 June 2012: External inspection finds that since the previous site visit the building has deteriorated with further loss of masonry. There is a large crack on the east section of the south elevation. The adjacent wood has annexed the building'.

Nothing has changed since the above was written.

Date posted: 22 May 2013Last updated: 08 Dec 2014

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