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The Nigel Tranter Memorial Award 2007

Graeme Brown & Lord Steel
Graeme Brown & Lord Steel

Following our visit to Stoneypath Castle during the February tour of the Lothians, the Scottish Castles Association Council were so impressed by the quality of the masonry work that we decided to present the Nigel Tranter Memorial Award for 2007 to the stonemason, Graeme Brown, for the high quality of his work. Lord Steel presented the annual award to Graeme and offered his congratulations.

Graeme was honoured to accept on behalf of the team he works alongside. He met our founder President Nigel Tranter on several occasions both at Ballencrieff Castle and elsewhere. He shared Nigel's enthusiasm for saving and restoring castles.

Stoneypath in ruins - and Stoneypath wonderfully restored

Stoneypath in ruins - and Stoneypath wonderfully restored

Nigel Tranter introduced Peter Miller to the ruins of Stoneypath Tower. Peter in turn entrusted its salvation to Stephen Cole who was responsible for the magnificent restoration of Stoneypath. As with Ballencrief, demolition was narrowly averted. Nigel Tranter's active involvement with around 70 castles has helped in the preservation of our heritage and Graeme's skills as a mason help in the continuation of that tradition.

Graeme has been involved with the consolidation work that has been progressing on Invergarnie Castle where eight years ago a section collapsed and demolition seemed likely. This will be followed by two years preservation work at Cessford Castle. Graeme concluded the presentation ceremony by thanking the SCA for honouring him with the Nigel Tranter Memorial award.

Taken from The Journal, issue 14

Date posted: 01 Jan 2007Last updated: 05 Dec 2014

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