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Castle which inspired Outlander's Castle Leoch gets funding boost

Fans of the Outlander novels and TV series – and members of the Scottish Castles Association for that matter – will be pleased to hear that Castle Leod, believed to be the inspiration for the fictional Castle Leoch, is to benefit from a £13,680 funding boost thanks to Historic Environment Scotland .

castle leod
Castle Leod

The Building Repairs Grant will be used to carry out works to the castle, which is the Seat of Clan Mackenzie, to support the final phase of the creation of a visitor centre and study room allowing more members of the public to experience the Grade A-listed 16th-century castle, which is located in Strathpeffer, Easter Ross. It’s hoped that, once completed, the visitor centre and facilities will allow Castle Leod to open to the public for more than the present 25 days a year.

As well as enjoying Castle Leod’s beautiful gardens and extensive parklands, visitors can view some stunning 16th- and 17th-century fabrics and the castle’s interior which includes a vaulted kitchen and many artefacts including graffiti dating from 1580.

You can read more about Castle Leod and its history – and plan a visit if you’re in the area – by visiting its website – click here .

Date posted: 20 Aug 2016Last updated: 20 Aug 2016

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