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SCA Chairwoman Janet Brennan-Inglis has launched her book 'Scotland's Castles'

Janet Brennan Inglis Book Scotlands Castles 530

Janet Brennan Inglis Book Scotlands Castles 530

Scotland's Castles

Rescued, Rebuilt and Reoccupied
by Janet Brennan-Inglis

Janet Brennan-Inglis
Janet Brennan-Inglis

On the 24th of July at Blackwell's in Edinburgh Janet Brennan-Inglis launched her book 'Scotland's Castles'.

Janet is Chairwoman of the Scottish Castles Association.

In 1996 Janet and her husband John, were driving to Portpatrick via Wigtown Bay in Galloway. Just past Gatehouse of Fleet they caught sight of a notice 'Castle for Sale'. Intrigued they drove up a steeply wooded road and there before them was ruined Barholm Castle. The rest, as they say, was history.

It took Janet and John 5 years to restore Barholm. It was not easy. Finance had to be raised and the appropriate bodies satisfied but by 2006 it was complete.

It occurred to Janet that she could write a book on restoration but this raised questions:

What is a castle?

What is restoration?

Who are the restorers?

Who are permitted to restore?

What is one allowed to do?

barholm before resoration
Barholm before resoration

A vigorous framework was required to address these issues - hence the book.

Those interested castles will find this book a delight. It is well set out, easy to read and complete with excellent photographs.

A review will follow in due course but why wait?

Scotland's Castles
Rescued, Rebuilt and Reoccupied

published by
The History Press @ £14.99

Date posted: 29 Jul 2014Last updated: 28 Jan 2015

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