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Lordscairnie Castle For Sale

Lordscairnie Castle

Lordscairnie Castle includes 30 acres of land

The B-listed 15th century L-planed castle of Lordscairnie has been put on the market for £220,000. Situated near Monzie in Fife (11 miles from Dundee). It is in need of major restoration but includes 30 acres of land. This roofless ruin, unoccupied since the late 1600s, features 5ft-thick walls and little else.

Once surrounded by a moat and barmkin only a circular, gun looped tower of the latter remains.

Patrick Paton, estate agent at Smiths Gore who are handling the sale said: 'We've had plenty of interest so far, particularly from people in London who would like to live in the area and commute from Dundee Airport.

We're looking for an emotional purchaser - someone who wants this type of property and wants to turn it into a very special place to live and wants to take on the challenges of planning.

'It would cost in the region of £600,000 to £1million to develop on top of purchasing, but compared to the cost of property in London, where people are paying millions for a 3 or 4 bedroomed house, it's good value.'

Lordscairnie Castle

Lordscairnie Castle, in the right hands, could be turned into a very special place to live

Date posted: 11 Apr 2013Last updated: 06 Aug 2015

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