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Mingary Castle in line for preservation cash boost

It’s ‘now or never’ for Mingary Castle...

Work has started on a multimillion-pound project to save what is thought to be the best-preserved 13th- century castle in Scotland. Mingary Castle, near Kilchoan, lies on the most westerly point of the British mainland, on the Ardnamurchan peninsula, and was a strategic stronghold for many clan chiefs

NEWS Mingary Castle Lochaber

Mingary Castle due preservation cash boost

It is thought the castle has not been lived in or had any work done to excavate or restore it in more than 150 years.

Donald Houston, owner of Ardnamurchan Estate which includes the castle, has undertaken the renovation task and told the Press and Journal that it was a ‘now or never’ project.

NEWS Mingary Castle

Landward approach showing the ditch which isolates the castle.

The castle restoration has been boosted by the backing of Historic Scotland, in addition to already having charitable status.

"Mingary Castle could be the best-preserved
building of its type in Scotland"

Whilst no long-term plans for the site have been confirmed, it is thought that future uses may include luxury housing or a visitor centre.

NEWS Mingary Castle from sea Lochaber

Mingary from the sea - this was always the approach to this castle on the western seaboard.

NEWS Mingary Castle inside

An interior shot of Mingary Castle with the later domestic range

An Edinburgh based archaeological team have commenced excavation on parts of the castle in order to preserve any artifacts and have already unearthed pieces of leather and a medieval bucket. Other finds include bones, large nails, pieces of glass and pieces of chinaware that could date from the 18th century.

The project can be views on www.mingarycastle.co.uk

Source: Press and Journal

Date posted: 22 May 2013Last updated: 05 Dec 2014

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