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New Gates for Duart Castle

The Maclean Stronghold - Duart Castle (Mull)

Duart Castle, the Maclean stronghold on the Island of Mull

Members of Clan McLean are to join together to give their chief new gates for his castle to replace the temporary ones used for the last 100 years. The move is part of next month's celebrations to mark Duart Castle coming back into Clan Maclean's ownership a century ago.

Now an appeal has been launched to pay for new gates, made from Scottish oak, with clan members to help raise £5000 towards the cost.

The castle, which stands on the island's east coast above the Sound of Mull, was held by the clan from 1367 until 1821, when it was sold off only to lie abandoned until 1910, when it was purchased by Sir Fitzroy Maclean, the 26th chief, who set about the huge task of restoration. In 1912, he invited the clan to join him at Duart to celebrate the return of the castle to Maclean ownership.

The ceremony will be repeated next month with hundreds of Macleans from across the globe arriving for the Centenary Gathering on Mull from June 18 to 24.

Source: The Herald, 7 May 2012

Date posted: 10 May 2012Last updated: 05 Dec 2014

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