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The Scottish Castles Association
Preserving the Past for the Future

Castles in their past and present state by Brian McGarrigle

This section shows what a castle or tower house looked like when photography was in its infancy. We also show what it looks like in its present state. Thankfully, not all are in a sorry state as some fantastic historic buildings have been restored or consolidated. Hopefully we can show potential restorers that there are still many historic building capable of being saved. Sadly, it's too late for some.

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Monklands House (Lanark) Past & Lost

Monklands House lay in a glen below Monkland’s Bridge in Airdrie. This splendid Renaissance Palace was built by Sir James Clelland of Monklands and was surrounded by gardens and policy woodlands.

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Towie Castle (Aberdeen) Past & Lost

Towie Castle stood on the banks of the River Don, near the parish church of Towie.

Date added: 23 Dec 2013 read more about towie castle

Herbertshire Castle (Stirling) Past & Lost

This great L-plan tower house stood on elevated ground above the River Carron at Dunipace and formed a landmark for miles around. It appears to have dated from the 16th century.

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Ochiltree House (Ayr) Past & Lost

Ochiltree House stood in the village of that name in Ayrshire. It is not to be confused with the Ochiltree in Lothian. It was a plain building, 3 storeys high with crow stepped gables and a slate roof.

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Stenhouse (Stirling) Past & Lost

Stenhouse was a most attractive tower house stood just outside the town of Stenhousemuir. Though at first sight it appears to be the one building the part to the right was built in 1836.

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Aldbar Castle (Angus) Past & Lost

This Category B Listed building stood some 2 miles west of the town of Brechin. It was a massive tower house of 1540 built by Sir Thomas Lyon and reckoned a place of some strength.

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Barr Castle (Renfrew) Past & Present No 100

Barr Castle stands on a ridge with wide views over Lochwinnoch and near the village of that name. It it a notable landmark for travelers though difficult to find a place to park! It is an early 16th century tower.

Date added: 06 Dec 2013 read more about barr castle

Old Sauchie (Stirling) Past & Present

This attractive little 16th century L-plan tower house near Bannockburn was a mere shell until it was purchased and splendidly restored by a SCA member.

Date added: 05 Dec 2013 read more about old sauchie

Gight Castle (Aberdeen) Past & Present

Situated near Pitmedden Gight is a 16th century L-plan tower with ranges of later outbuildings. It stands isolated on a steep slope above the River Ythan amidst the remains of once splendid gardens.

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Dryhope Tower (Selkirk) Past & Present

Situated in the isolated border country above St Mary’s Loch, Dryhope is a stout little 16th century tower house once surrounded by a barmkin.

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Balvenie Castle (Moray) Past & Present

This exceptional castle, which dates from the 13th to 16th centuries, is situated near Dufftown.

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Kenmure Castle (Kirkcudbright) Past & Present

The roofless shell of Kenmure Castle stands high above a marsh at New Galloway. Originally a enclosure castle of the 13th century it was added to and altered over the years.

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Cessford Castle (Roxburgh) Past & Present

Cessford Castle stands on a hill top near Morebattle and forms a prominent landmark. A 15th century L-plan border fortress with walls 14 feet thick this castle had an eventful history.

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Lochhouse Tower (Dumfries) Past & Present

Lochhouse is a little 16th century border tower and stands very near the town of Moffat. Rubble built, it rises from a vaulted basement to the corbels that once supported a parapet and gunloops are evident.

Date added: 27 Nov 2013 read more about lochhouse tower

Ravenscraig Castle (Fife) Past & Present

This massive castle, designed to withstand cannon, overlooks the Firth of Forth near Kirkcaldy. Long in ruin it was taken over by Historic Scotland in the 1970s.

Date added: 27 Nov 2013 read more about ravenscraig castle

Borthwick Castle (Lothian) Past & Present

This is, by far, the finest tower house in Scotland. Built of ashlar in the 15th century it rises high to a machicolated parapet. It is surrounded by an outer wall punctuated by towers.

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Carsluith Tower (Kirkcudbright) Past & Present

This delightful little L-plan 16th century tower house is situated overlooking Luce Bay. It is within sight of Barholm Tower high on the hill behind.

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Finlarig Castle (Perth) Past & Present

Finlarig Castle stands, hidden by trees, on a mound just outside the village of Killin in Perthshire. It is in a dangerous state and totally uncared for.

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Fairburn Tower (Ross) Past & Present

Fairburn Tower, a roofless 16th century tower house, is situated at Muir of Ord in Ross. It consists of an oblong tower to which a 4 storey stair tower was added in the 17th century.

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Dunure Castle (Ayr) Past & Present

Situated above the sea near to Ayr, Dunure is a splendid medieval ruin dating from the 14th century and later. Abandoned (or slighted) after the Civil War .

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