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Craigie Castle (Ayrshire) Past & Present

Craigie Castle in 1904

Craigie Castle in 1904

Craigie Castle 1

Craigie today showing evidence of considerable collapse since 1904

Craigie stands near the the town of Symington with its 12th century church. The Architectural Guide to Ayrshire & Arran states: 'sadly ruined it remains one of the finest specimens of a vaulted hall in Scotland and a match for anything similar in the country'.

Craigie Castle 2

Craigie showin fine vaulting resting on original parapet walk

It stands upon a grassy knoll surrounded by a ditch. This knoll, in fact, may be a motte. What appears, at first, to be a magnificent groined vaulted, palace plan, tower house turns out to have been built upon an even earlier building - a 13th century hall house. This had been heightened in the 15th century immuring the parapet walk and its crenellations in process. We have the unique opportunity to view the original crenellations (and weepers) of an early hall house. That occupation continued into the 16th century is proved by a wide mouthed gun loop. It is generally accepted that it was abandoned around 1600 when the Wallaces of Craigie moved to Newton Castle in Ayr.

Craigie Castle 3

Craigie's walled up 13th century crenellations (red outline of battlements immediately above weepers)

There was a major collapse in the 1880s and again the 1920s and more will soon follow. This building, of the highest quality, is of national importance yet it is abandoned and neglected. Why is it not in state care? Over to you Historic Scotland.

Date posted: 10 Jul 2012Last updated: 08 Dec 2014

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