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Inverquharity Castle (Angus) Past & Present

Inverquharity Castle 1880

Photograph from the 1880s showing main tower with its handsome corbelling 

Inverqharity Castle demolished wing

Main tower pictured in 1904 much defaced by the removal of its projecting wing

Inverquharity Castle after 1970 restoration

Today with wing reinstated in 1970 - no attempt made  to restore to its original appearance

Inverquharity Castle is an L-plan tower-house of the 15th century. The east wing was demolished before 1884 for its materials which left an ugly scar, but the main tower remained intact which facilitated its restoration by Alison and Sandy Grant in 1970.

Their first task was to reinstate the roof as the original had been removed due to vandalismn. The demolished wing was reconstructed to provide a living area suitable for modern needs. The eight foot walls of the existing tower were intact to the wall head together with its parapet walk and required minimum attention. The work took 3 years (including landscaping).

We are fortunate that his excellent example of native architecture has been given a secure future.

Date posted: 10 Aug 2012Last updated: 08 Dec 2014

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Comment by: Ian Dewar on Thu, 11th Jun 2015, 10:50 amRef id: 49

Fond memories of this place. Used to climb into the main tower in the late 50's as a young boy.... such adventures to be had! Glad to see it's now restored.

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