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Gogar Castle (Edinburgh) for sale

Gogar Castle stands within 3.6 acres of land close to Edinburgh Airport. It is on the market at offers over £2.5 million. To view the full property details including many pictures showing the glorious internal rooms can be viewed here.

gogar after

Gogar Castle was beautifully restored in 2003

It was built in 1625 by John Couper, whose initials, together with those of his wife, appear on the building. A late tower house it is nevertheless an excellent example of its type with vaults, stair tower, turrets and harled walls. It was immaculately restored in 2003.

gogar before

Gogar Castle before restoration

Not a castle in defensive terms, rather a rich laird’s house, Gogar nevertheless witnessed conflict. In 1650 the armies of Cromwell and General Leslie faced each other at Gogar and indulged in a long range artillery duel - known as the ‘Flashes of Gogar’ - the result was indecisive but as Cromwell withdrew the ‘victory’ could be said to lie with the Scots.

Article by SCA member Brian McGarrigle

Added: 18 Dec 2014 Updated: 07 Jan 2015