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craignethan finnart

Sir James Hamilton of Finnart – Master of the King’s Works

Being employed by the King came with not only status but danger – as James Hamilton was to discover.

Date added: 06 May 2024

The Destruction of Herbertshire Castle

With its origins dating from the 16th century, Herbertshire Castle was once an imposing landmark but it met its fate in an explosive fashion.

Date added: 17 Mar 2024

Can you identify these sites and their mysterious marks?

Have you ever wondered what those strange marks on our Scottish castle and church walls are - and who made them?

Date added: 24 Aug 2023

Castles of the Cathars - Chateau Queribus, Part III

In the last of our series on Castles of the Cathars, we visit Chateau Queribus.

Date added: 11 Jun 2023
bedrule site

Bedrule Castle to give up its secrets

Exploratory excavations of Bedrule Castle should help to unveil more of its fascinating history.

Date added: 22 Mar 2023

Castles of the Cathars - Puilaurens, Part II

Explore this impressive Cathar castle - Puilaurens - in France.

Date added: 23 Feb 2023
overton bastle

The Poor Man's Tower - the Bastle

For those who couldn't afford their own castle for protection, the bastle proved the perfect solution.

Date added: 09 Oct 2022
Dryburgh abbey

Dryburgh Abbey - a Mecca for English attacks

Just like its castles, Scotland's abbeys were not immune from attack by the English.

Date added: 04 Jul 2022

The beacons watching over the Border and Borderlands of Scotland

Firing their lit bales of hay or tar, Scottish castles formed part of a beacon system providing an early-warning of incoming dangers.

Date added: 04 Mar 2022

Rebellion, royalty and romance at Duchal Castle

Abandoned in the 18th century Duchal Castle now consists of some remains teetering on a precipice above a gorge.

Date added: 04 Jan 2022
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