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This section, which is regularly updated, contains informative historical news, selected articles from our yearly newsletter, The Journal, all covering interesting topics which, we feel, will be of interest to our members, castle enthusiasts, history buffs and site visitors who, hopefully, will be enticed to join the Scottish Castles Association.
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The Siege of Roxburgh Castle 1460 - part IV

King James II had survived many battles before he lost his life to the most unlikely of opponents at the siege of Roxburgh Castle.

Date added: 10 Jan 2019
wellhouse edinburgh

The Wellhouse Tower by Edinburgh Castle

A sorry sight greets rail passengers arriving in Edinburgh today but Wellhouse Tower once carried out a vital role.

Date added: 18 Dec 2018
st andrews drawbridge

Scotland's Gaff Drawbridges - and their French counterparts

If you were an unwanted visitor to a Scottish castle you may have been 'welcomed' by the order to 'draw the bridge' – a sure-fire sign, you weren't going to be asked in for a cup of tea!

Date added: 05 Dec 2018

The Tomb of Sir William Borthwick

One of the finest keeps in Scotland, Borthwick Castle also produced one of the finest tombs – that of its one-time occupant Sir William Borthwick.

Date added: 17 Nov 2018
mary stuart queen

Mary Queen of Scots - the Castles of her Escape

Most people know Mary Queen of Scots made her dramatic escape from Lochleven Castle in Fife. But, where did she seek sanctuary next?

Date added: 30 Oct 2018

Castles of France - The Fortified Abbey of Lérrins

The latest in our series of articles featuring some superb French fortifications, this time the serene Lérrins Abbey.

Date added: 23 Oct 2018

The Siege of Threave Castle 1455 - part III

When force did not work, King James II employed another strategy to end the power of the Douglases - and Threave Castle bore witness to it all.

Date added: 09 Oct 2018

Lickleyhead Castle has been repossessed

Troubled times lie ahead for 16th century Lickleyhead Castle after a decree has been ordered for the repossession of the property.

Date added: 25 Sep 2018

Unlocking the door to castle defences

Scottish castles and fortified homes often attracted unwelcome visitors so sturdy doors - and yetts - were required.

Date added: 20 Sep 2018

The consolidation conundrum

Preserving the integrity of our castles is never more tasking when essential consolidation work forces us to intervene.

Date added: 11 Sep 2018