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Ardrossan Castle

The four phases of Ardrossan Castle

Like so many west of Scotland sites, Ardrossan Castle, in Ayrshire, has been shamefully neglected in castle literature.

Date added: 02 Apr 2012
Cocksburnspath Tower

Collapse at Cockburnspath

News has just come in regarding the massive collapse of one of the walls of the 15th century Cockburnspath Tower, Berwick.

Date added: 29 Mar 2012

Rowallan Castle to beat red tape and be restored

As one of Scotland's most ancient castles, it withstood centuries of conflict before becoming embroiled in a modern row over plans to turn it into a luxurious residence.

Date added: 06 Mar 2012
bothwell castle face

Bothwell Castle Reconsidered

Allan Rutherford and John Malcolm have challenged the accepted chronology for the construction of Bothwell Castle.

Date added: 29 Feb 2012
Bee Boles Tolquhan

Talking a lot of Boles

Bee Boles in Scottish Castles - Bee keeping was popular before the days of sugar as a sweetener. Candle wax constituted an additional benefit.

Date added: 13 Feb 2012
Dunollie Castle

Dunnollie Castle to be closed

Dunollie Castle, Oban, is to be locked up at night to prevent harm to visitors and building alike.

Date added: 13 Feb 2012
Benholm Tower

Wallace's Tower (aka Benholm's Lodging) - Finding a use at last?

Breathing New Life into Tower - A Community Group is one step closer to reviving an Aberdeen Landmark after a visit to the empty relic.

Date added: 13 Feb 2012
kings knot

A Knotty Mystery

The King's Knot, Stirling, largely owes it present appearance to Queen Victoria when she ordered the 17th C garden restored.

Date added: 13 Feb 2012
Maybole Castle

Maybole Castle, Ayr, receives a cash boost

Maybole Castle, Ayrshire has received a grant of £110,000 to help develop its tourist potential.

Date added: 09 Feb 2012

Tibbers Castle (Dumfries)

John Goodhall in his excellent new book 'The English Castle' (2011) asks the question 'Why did Edward I not build castles in Scotland as in Wales'?

Date added: 09 Jan 2012

Bothwell Castle Donjon

John Goodhall (The English Castle 2011) revisits the question of just what was the inspiration for the donjon at Bothwell.

Date added: 09 Jan 2012

Tower Houses in the Scottish Borders.

How many Tower Houses were there in the Scottish Borders? According to SCA member Alastair Maxwell-Irving we can never know for certain. In 'The Castle Studies Group' Journal of December 2011 he sets out his case.

Date added: 09 Jan 2012
Dunning Broch

A broch has been discovered near the village of Dunning in Perth

Though not associated with castles SCA members will be interested to learn that a broch has been discovered near the village of Dunning in Perth.

Date added: 09 Jan 2012
Haddo House

Place of Kelly comes to light

Excavations have exposed the Place of Kelly. Its location has remained a mystery since it was demolished prior to the construction of Haddo House in the 1730s.

Date added: 09 Jan 2012
Tertowie Blaze

Tertowie House destroyed by fire

A fire has ripped through 16th century Tertowie House gutting the interior and caving in the roof.

Date added: 22 Dec 2011
Castlemilk Castle Fireplace

The fireplace of Castlemilk House

The fireplace of Castlemilk House is once again on public view.

Date added: 06 Dec 2011
james brown

Baltersan Points The Way

SCA member James Brown of Baltersan Castle is behind the creation of a new long distance path 'The Pilgrim's Way' which will link Paisley Abbey with Whithorn Priory.

Date added: 05 Dec 2011
Archibald the Grim

Heraldic Arms of Archibald The Grim

As is well known Threave Castle, Kirkcudbright was built by Archibald Douglas commonly known as 'The Grim'. Recent work has identified his coat of arms

Date added: 02 Dec 2011

New Dating Sequence for Dunstaffnage Castle

A recent report has altered the accepted dating for Dunstaffnage Castle, Argyll

Date added: 02 Dec 2011
Linlithgow Palace sm

Linlithgow Palace is Newgate Prison

Current fans of 'Garrow's Law' on TV will no doubt have noticed that Linlithgow Palace is doubling as Newgate Prison, London in the current series. Another Scottish location is that of Pollok House in Glasgow.

Date added: 29 Nov 2011