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Caisteal na Nighinn Ruaidhe

Caisteal na Nighinn Ruaidhe - (The Castle of the Red Haired Maiden)

Lochavich is a small glen south of Oban, between the sea at Kilmelford and the Campbell power base of Loch Awe. On the small island of Innis Luina stand the ruins of Caisteal na Nighinn Ruaidhe.

Date added: 07 Jan 2011
Carnbane Castle

Carnbane Castle - By Stuart Morris of Balgonie

Stuart writes about Carnbane Castle, situated in Glenlyon Glen, Perthshire.

Date added: 23 Sep 2010
Chapel Orkney

Rachel Stuart describes how she was captured by an Italian prisoner

SCA Member Rachel Stuart of Blackhall Manor describes how she was captured by an Italian Prisoner of War, or at least, the little chapel he (Domenico Chiocchetti) built on Orkney during the Second World War.

Date added: 23 Sep 2010
Baltersan Castle

Baltersan by James Brown

SCA member, James Brown's greatest wish would be to see Baltersan Castle in Ayrshire restored to its former glory. Over the years James has researched the castle and its history.

Date added: 21 Jun 2010
painted ceiling

Jennifer Merredew and a recent client on creating a Scottish Painted Ceiling

Decorative artist Jennifer Merredew gets a call to create a medieval painted ceiling.

Date added: 17 Jun 2010
Blackhall Manor

Blackhall Manor - Its History and Restoration

Although a very modest house in the context of Scottish “castles” in general and the SCA’s membership in particular, Blackhall Manor in Paisley, Renfrewshire has a history which stretches back 850 years.

Date added: 15 Jun 2010
armoured helmet

A Brief History of Arms and Armour

David Lee Donachie give us a brief history of Arm and Armour.

Date added: 14 Jun 2010

Vanessa Harryhausen... I presume

Scottish Castles Association member Vanessa Harryhausen comes from a very interesting family. Fellow SCA member, John Buchanan Smith, met Vanessa as she was looking to acquire an historic Scottish property.

Date added: 14 Jun 2010
Paul Mowbray

Paul Mowbray - Artist, Designer and Wood Craftsman

Paul has accomplished a broad variety of projects from small intricate jewellery boxes for Argyll’s Lodging to large-scale projects like a panelled room at Wolmerstoune House.

Date added: 14 Jun 2010
faside castle

Fa'side Castle - by Sue Brash

SCA Member Sue Brash writes about the history of her home, Fa'side Castle, which is just outside Musselburgh.

Date added: 11 Jun 2010
Cramond Tower sm

Cramond Tower - A Derelict Property - Rescued, Restored and Reoccupied

Although part of a much larger castle at one time, Cramond Tower is a tall narrow 16th-century tower house, with a vaulted basement. It is located in the picturesque village of Cramond.

Date added: 11 Jun 2010
masons marks

Masons' Marks Project

The SCA now has an ongoing programme to gather and collate "Masons' Marks" i.e. those marks cut into the visible surfaces of dressed stones built into ancient structures.

Date added: 14 Apr 2010
Forts of Oman

The Forts of Oman - By Alastair Bain

SCA member Alistair Bain writes about Omani forts of Arabic design, with some Persian and Portuguese influence.

Date added: 14 Apr 2010
Barholm Castle

Bringing Barholm Castle back to life

Unlike many of those who purchase a castle, we did not trawl Scotland’s ruined castles looking for one to restore. We simply fell in love with Barholm Castle the moment we saw it.

Date added: 14 Apr 2010
Tom Clarke

A Castle Owner's Pilgrimage

SCA member Tom Clarke has successfully restored some fabulous historical properties including Howgill Castle, Lochhouse Tower and Kilmartin Castle. Here, he gives us a fascinating insight into his life...

Date added: 24 Feb 2010
The Scottish Heritage Centre

The Scottish Flag Heritage Centre

SCA member, John Pringle investigates how the village Athelstaneford got its name after a battle won by Picts and Scots along with other historical facts and myths linked with The Scottish Flag Heritage Centre.

Date added: 22 Feb 2010