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The Spanish Paradores Proposal – castles into hotels?

A proposal to convert Scottish castles into high-end hotels is under consideration by the government.

Date added: 19 Nov 2020

Killernie Castle demolished over ‘safety concerns’

Dismay as owner destroys remains before protection could be put in place.

Date added: 09 Oct 2020

Invermark Castle – a refuge for an owner with a dark secret

Scottish castles often provide sanctuary for their owners – sometimes even from the law.

Date added: 04 Oct 2020

Two castles with very different futures

We take a look at two castles whose futures are being shaped by two very different approaches to their care.

Date added: 28 Sep 2020
Red Castle

Red Castle – beware a woman scorned

Scottish castles not only had to survive attack from enemy forces but the fallout from marital disharmony.

Date added: 08 Jul 2020

Preserve Rait Castle!

Determination is essential when attempting to rescue our Scottish castles from ruin – as the group attempting to preserve Rait know only too well.

Date added: 30 May 2020

Plans lodged to give Gilbertfield Tower a future

Could a proposed housing scheme offer hope of Gilbertfield Tower being restored?

Date added: 30 May 2020

Almond Castle – running out of time

A developer has bought the land surrounding Almond Castle. Could this bring hope of restoration?

Date added: 30 May 2020
ravenscraig object

Mystery objects – can you identify them?

The interiors of our Scottish castles often throw up objects which give us an insight into what life within them might have been like hundreds of years ago. Can you work out what these objects were for?

Date added: 28 Apr 2020
Castle Craig

Castle Craig to be saved

Exciting developments have been announced for one of Scotland's most perilous ruins - Castle Craig.

Date added: 19 Apr 2020
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