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Baltersan Castle restoration plans announced

News of exciting plans to restore Baltersan Castle is music to our ears!

Date added: 31 Jan 2019
wisharts port

Scotland's Ports - Wishart’s Gate

Scotland's unwalled towns employed 'ports' to give them some form of security – even if just from unsavoury citizens afflicted with the plague!

Date added: 29 Jan 2019

The Siege of Roxburgh Castle 1460 - part IV

King James II had survived many battles before he lost his life to the most unlikely of opponents at the siege of Roxburgh Castle.

Date added: 10 Jan 2019
wellhouse edinburgh

The Wellhouse Tower by Edinburgh Castle

A sorry sight greets rail passengers arriving in Edinburgh today but Wellhouse Tower once carried out a vital role.

Date added: 18 Dec 2018
st andrews drawbridge

Scotland's Gaff Drawbridges - and their French counterparts

If you were an unwanted visitor to a Scottish castle you may have been 'welcomed' by the order to 'draw the bridge' – a sure-fire sign, you weren't going to be asked in for a cup of tea!

Date added: 05 Dec 2018

The Tomb of Sir William Borthwick

One of the finest keeps in Scotland, Borthwick Castle also produced one of the finest tombs – that of its one-time occupant Sir William Borthwick.

Date added: 17 Nov 2018
mary stuart queen

Mary Queen of Scots - the Castles of her Escape

Most people know Mary Queen of Scots made her dramatic escape from Lochleven Castle in Fife. But, where did she seek sanctuary next?

Date added: 30 Oct 2018

Castles of France - The Fortified Abbey of Lérrins

The latest in our series of articles featuring some superb French fortifications, this time the serene Lérrins Abbey.

Date added: 23 Oct 2018

The Siege of Threave Castle 1455 - part III

When force did not work, King James II employed another strategy to end the power of the Douglases - and Threave Castle bore witness to it all.

Date added: 09 Oct 2018

Lickleyhead Castle has been repossessed

Troubled times lie ahead for 16th century Lickleyhead Castle after a decree has been ordered for the repossession of the property.

Date added: 25 Sep 2018
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