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Castle Cluggy - an update

The Scottish Castles Association tour of Perthshire in September 2019 visited a little-known castle hidden away on a promontory overlooking Loch Monzievaird, near Crieff. Almost hidden by trees Castle Cluggy might have eluded Nigel Tranter but our president Richard Oram was familiar with its secrets – and we were privilged to have him share them with us. Our visit alerted Keith Murray-Hetherington of the Castle Cluggy Trust which has some exciting plans to resuscitate this site for the benefit of future visitors.

Castle Cluggy 2019

Richard Oram has provided some further insight into Castle Cluggy since our visit: "The dying back of vegetation in the six weeks since we were there allowed some closer inspection and there is clearly phasing evident in the stonework on the north side of the standing building. There appears also to be an intramural latrine closet and garderobe shaft at the NW angle, from 1st floor level. What appear to be fireplace recesses are visible on 1st and 2nd-floor levels in the North and West walls respectively. The small windows with pistol holes below do look like insertions. There is evidence for building 'lifts' in the stonework internally and externally. Floor levels have clearly been altered, so we are looking at two main phases in the main building that is visible at present, with a possible third, early, phase represented in the masonry on the North side."

The Castle Cluggy Trust plan to stabilise the building enabling it to become a community amenity and allow some archaeological exploration.

Interior of Castle Cluggy viewed from outside the fence


Article by Scottish Castles Association member Robert Bogdan.

Added: 29 Oct 2019 Updated: 13 Oct 2023
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