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Fyvie Castle fear of dramatic collapse to be averted

Fyvie Castle in Grampian is one of Scotland’s most iconic castles. Problems came to light in the 1990s when cracks appeared in the walls of the Seton Tower. The cause dates from the 18th century when fireplaces and chimney flues were inserted in the thin walls. By 2000, there was real danger of collapse when the walls started to bulge and, as an emergency measure, steel bands were used to secure them. Now the National Trust for Scotland has applied for permission to retain these bands while the castle is further investigated.

fyvie castle

Fyvie Castle's stunning facade

Fyvie dates back to the 13th century but what is so appealing today is the work carried out much later by Alexander Seton in 1599 which forms the show façade. In Edwardian times the interior of Fyvie was heavily ‘Balmoralised’ but this simply adds to its charm and marks yet another stage in its long life.

fyvie castle2

Fyvie Castle's walls were in real danger of collapse

Article by SCA member Brian McGarrigle

Added: 10 Dec 2014 Updated: 07 Jan 2015
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