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Kilmaurs Place, East Ayrshire

The word ‘place’ in Scots refers to a landed proprietor's mansion house. Place, Kilmaurs is a 17th-century T-plan mansion abutting a 16th-century predecessor.

Kilmaurs place
Place is in good condition and forms an attractive dwelling. It is listed Category B.

Dated 1620 it lies at the very end of the fortified era. It is low and unvaulted but retains characteristics of a tower house such as crow-stepped gables.

A stair tower projects from one side but modern buildings fill the re-entrant angles.

Place is attached to a vaulted block which could be the ruinous remains of a 16th-century tower. In the 19th century this was used as a milk house but is now incorporated in the later mansion. A fine 16th-century fireplace in the mansion probably came from the earlier structure.

Article by SCA member Brian McGarrigle.

Added: 17 Dec 2015 Updated: 28 Mar 2018
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