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Loudoun Castle to be given a new lease of life

A funfair was installed in the grounds of derelict Loudoun Castle in Ayrshire in 1995 but closed in 2010, since when the site has lain derelict.

Plans have been lodged to transfer it into an all-weather resort with luxury lodges, sub-tropical lake and a distillery. It is also planned to stabilise the castle as the ‘centrepiece’ of the development.

loudon castle

Loudon Castle could be stabilised as part of a redevelopment plan

The present castle was built in 1807, incorporating portions of a 15th or 16th century tower house which is clearly discernible though encased in later work. This was partially destroyed by General Monk in 1651. In the 18th century, 10 brass swivel guns marked with the Campbell arms were found 2 ft under the surface.

Loudon was burned down in 1942 and the building remains in a critical condition.

Article by SCA member Brian McGarrigle

Added: 11 Dec 2014 Updated: 07 Jan 2015
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