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The Scottish Manor House

The tower house dominates Scotland but there is an alternative form of residence - the little heralded Manor House.

As the 16th century came to a close so did the need for dedicated defence. This is, perhaps, an over simplification as strong, gun looped towers remained to be built but, alongside, there appeared a low, rectangular style of building with a stair tower centred on its longest side.

Some of the characteristics of tower houses were retained such as vaulted basement, first floor hall, corbie stepping and the odd gun hole or two but in no way could they be confused with the former.

The following pictures will give an impression of the type.

Monk Castle
Monk Castle, Ayr. Enlarged fenestration 19th century work
Crosbie Castle
Crosbie Castle, Ayr. Fenced off after fire damage
Blackhall Manor
Blackhall Manor, Paisley. Beautifully restored from ruin by Scottish Castles Association members - shows what can be done!

Added: 18 Aug 2018 Updated: 18 Dec 2018
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