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Stirling Castle - A Most Amazing Experience!

Stirling Castle Palace
Stirling Castle Palace

A visit to Stirling Castle has been featured on a list of Europe's "most amazing experiences" in a new Lonely Planet guide.

The castle has been included alongside other iconic sights such as the Colosseum in Rome and cities including Paris and Barcelona.

The Europe: 40 Amazing Experiences eBook has been published to mark Lonely Planet's 40th year.

It suggests visitors "lay siege to Stirling Castle".

It also describes the castle's atmosphere and superb views, and states: "The location, architecture and historic significance combine to make it a grand and memorable sight."

The guide also lists the Isle of Mull as one of its amazing experiences, saying it offers "varied landscapes and habitats, from high mountain and wild moorland to wavelashed sea cliffs, sandy beaches and seaweed-fringed skerries".

Other British attractions on the list include England's Lake District and an evening in Georgian London.

Other experiences cited by Lonely Planet include The Alhambra in Andalucia, Barcelona's beach bars and the city walls at Lucca in Tuscany.

Stirling Castle is a world-class attraction which draws visitors from across the globe

Stephen Duncan, director of commercial and tourism at Historic Scotland, said: "Stirling Castle is a world-class attraction which draws visitors from across the globe, so I am delighted to see it recognised as one of the 40 best experiences in Europe."

Stirling Castle Heads
The Stirling Castle Heads

"From the stunning views from the ramparts to the recently-refurbished Royal Palace, the Great Hall and the Stirling Heads Gallery, a visit to Stirling Castle is indeed an unforgettable experience."

"It has played a key role in our history and was the centre of art, culture and celebrity in Scotland in the 16th century."

"Today, our costumed performers help to bring that history to life for visitors. I am thrilled to see it appear on this prestigious list alongside some of the most exciting destinations in Europe."

Source: BBC News article

Added: 26 Jul 2013 Updated: 21 Apr 2018
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