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The Wallace Tower

Wallace's Tower (Aberdeen) - Past & Present

More correctly known as Benholm's Tower this small Z plan tower of around 1600 originally stood outside the Aberdeen city boundary. Moved brick by brick to make way for a shopping centre.

Date added: 09 Feb 2012
Inverugie Castle

Inverugie Castle (Aberdeenshire) - Past & Present

Inverugie Castle was an exceptionally fine, late 16th century tower house consisting of an oblong main block with two round towers.

Date added: 09 Feb 2012
dairsie castle

Dairsie Castle (Fife) - Past & Present

Dairsie Castle was a shattered ruin of a 16th century castle consisting of an oblong main block with circular towers at diagonally opposite angles. In 1996 it was fully restored.

Date added: 26 Jan 2012
forter castle

Forter Castle (Angus) - Past & Present

Forter, a late 16th century tower house, was until recently abandoned and ruined. However in 1988, for the sum of £15,000, it was purchased and restored in the astonishing time of 2 years.

Date added: 26 Jan 2012
auchans castle

Auchans Castle (Ayr) - Past & Present

Classed as 'Category A' Charles McKean considers Auchans as amongst the premier 'chateaux' in Scotland.

Date added: 26 Jan 2012
barcaldine castle

Barcaldine Castle (Argyll) - Past & Present

Barcaldine Castle was built between 1601 and 1608 and is an excellent example of a vaulted, L shaped tower of the period.

Date added: 26 Jan 2012
eliock house

Eliock House (Dumfries) - Past & Present

Much altered 17th C house incorporating a vaulted, gun looped 16th c tower house. This wing (that hidden by the trees) is now semi-ruinous due to fire damage.

Date added: 26 Jan 2012
fa side castle

Fa'side Castle (East Lothian) - Past & Present

Originally a 15th century tower of 4 four storeys of which the topmost was vaulted. Fa'side suffered badly at the Battle of Pinkie (1547) after which it was enlarged.

Date added: 19 Jan 2012
Stonebyres Castle

Stonebyres Castle (Lanarkshire) - Past & Present

Stonebyres Castle, Lanarkshire. A imposing 15th century castle of a stretched plan built above a ravine and much added to in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Date added: 19 Jan 2012
Castlemilk Castle

Castlemilk Castle (Lanarkshire) - Past & Present

Castlemilk Castle, Lanarkshire was an oblong tower house of the 15th century occupying a prominent position with extensive views across the Clyde Valley.

Date added: 19 Jan 2012
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