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Boyne Castle (Banff) - Past & Present

Boyne Castle in 1790

Boyne Castle in 1790

Boyne Castle in 1890

Boyne Castle in 1890

Boyne Castle in 2012

Boyne Castle in 2012

Boyne Castle is situated near the town of Portsoy and dates from the years 1575-1580.

It resembles a medieval castle but is, in fact, a magnificent 'Renaissance Palace' with courtyard, 4 corner towers and a twin towered gate house. As late as 1723 Boyne was inhabited but noted as dilapidated by the end of that century. Ruin has continued apace, its walled gardens and robbed out masonry smothered in vegetation. This was one of the great palaces of Scotland but it is now ignored and permitted to tumble into further ruin by the year.

Added: 08 May 2012 Updated: 08 Dec 2014
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