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Dunskey Castle (Wigtown) Past & Present

Dunskey Castle 1904

Dunskey Castle - taken in 1904

Dunskey Castle - Wigtown

Dunskey Castle - Will we see restored?

Dunskey is dramatically situated high on the cliffs above the Irish Sea at Port Patrick.

It consists of a 16th century L-plan tower house with a square stair tower in the re-entrant. To this is attached a later wing which has served as a gallery. The castle is cut off from the mainland by a deep ditch. The site lends itself to defence and has been utilised as such from earliest times.

Dunskey has been an extremely handsome castle and has stood the test of time well considering its exposed coastal site and the robbing out of its freestone. However, as can be seen from the photographs, it has suffered in recent years and is in danger of collapse. The castle has been purchased as of late but the task of restoration has obviously proved insurmountable unless there is someone out there who might wish to lend a hand?

Added: 27 Sep 2012 Updated: 08 Dec 2014
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