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Hillslap Tower (Roxburgh) Past & Present

Hillslap Tower (Roxburgh)

Hillslap in ruined state. Note the gun loops at basement level and the robbed out window jambs.

Hillslap is situated in the Scottish Borders not far from Melrose. The door lintel is inscribed with the date 1585. It is a L-plan, vaulted tower house of 4 storeys with the wing rising higher. A stair turret at the re-entrant is partially supported by a 'squinch' which are relatively rare. Gunloops are in evidence as would be expected in a castle of its era and location.

Hillslap Tower no crow steps

Hillslap same view today - note the shuttered windows and the absence of corbie steps.

Long roofless it was splendidly restored by an SCA member in the 1980s. The rebuilding included some 'low profile' additions which do not disturb the symmetry of the original tower.

Hillslap Tower during SCA visit

Hillslap during SCA visit. Note re-entrant turret supported by corbels and squinch.

Added: 12 Jul 2012 Updated: 08 Dec 2014
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