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Stirling Castle Great Hall - Past & Present

Stirling Castle Palace

Stirling Castle Great Hall when used as a barracks

The Great Hall at Stirling Castle was built by James IV around 1503. It served as the focal point for royal celebrations until it fell into disuse in the late 17th century. In the 1700s it was subdivided into 2 floors and the roof removed. In later years it was converted into barracks and so remained until the the army quit the castle in1964.

An ambitious restoration project was embarked upon to restore the hall to its original state and which was to last some 30 years. The inserted flooring was removed, the fireplaces uncovered and and the windows unblocked. A new hammer beam roof was installed (based upon that at Edinburgh Castle) and the walls reharled.

Stirling Castle Palace present

Stirling Castle Great Hall restored to its original state

The hall once again fulfills its function as a place of entertainment and is heavily booked for events and weddings. This, together with the restored palace block, makes Stirling Castle (after Edinburgh) the second most popular castle in Scotland.

Added: 12 Mar 2014 Updated: 15 Dec 2014
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